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There are two areas which require planning and a strategy, when dealing with the College bound student athlete.
First, the academic calendar.
We suggest taking any entrance exam, SAT, etc, during your OFF SEASON, so you can concentrate fully on preparing for the exam. Often times, playoff dates conflict with test schedules. Check with your guidance counselor to establish a plan for this possibility. Start preparing in the 9th grade. Consult with your guidance counselor for a good choice of courses, and preparation resources.

Take the PSAT in the 10th grade; a good score will attract the attention of colleges, even at this early date. It will also prepare you for the actual test when you are ready to take it. Take as many sample tests as possible. Get used to the format. It will also help you identify weaknesses and help you to increase your skills in these areas.

In 11th grade, take the tests as often as possible, to accumulate the best possible combination of scores.

In the 12th grade, repeat the process, if you have not yet met your goal.

Remember: these are suggested strategies; consult with your counselors and other professional resources before settling on an academic timetable.

Second: recruiting
Freshmen: lay the groundwork for successful high school career as a student athlete beginning in the classroom, and continuing on the field. Contact the NCAA to learn about the necessary core courses to be taken to be eligible to play a sport in College. Begin contacting College Coaches after researching schools which interest you as a STUDENT.

Sophomores: try taking the SAT as a ?warm up?; check with counselor to remain on track for required college prep courses and NCAA core courses. Continue to research Colleges which interest you as a STUDENT first, athlete second! Ask your High School Coach for an honest evaluation of your athletic ability; do all you can to improve. Continue contacting College Coaches with updates on your progress in the classroom and on the field.

Juniors: Continue taking SAT, ACT tests until you reach the scores necessary, as decided by your family and counselor. Continue to monitor course selection, in order to remain on track for athletic eligibility. Begin visiting as many Colleges as possible, meeting with their Coaches whenever possible. Register with the NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE. Beging to accumulate game films. Update College Coaches with your progress.

Seniors:Be prerpared to send Game footage and videos to College Coaches, ONLY UPON REQUEST OF THE COACH! Continue to make as many campus visits as possible; apply to the schools you have researched; if you are being recruited and offered official visits?ASK QUESTIONS: playing time, tutoring, graduation rates, etc. If not yet being contacted by coaches BE AGGRESSIVE and continue to contact Coaches on your own.
PRACTICE BEING INTERVIEWED!; be prepared to answer the Coaches questions!