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Our Process
Getting recruited
Just because you know you are a good athlete doesn't mean the right coach knows you're out there. Being recruited is a process. There are steps YOU need to take. Our program is designed to expose your profile to coaches everywhere in the country.

It just takes motivation, sound advice from sports and academic professionals, and setting attainable goals. Use athletics to get a college education!

Guiding the high school athlete and his or her parents through the complicated process of college athletic recruiting takes some determination and know-how.

Collegiate S.T.A.R.S. will tell the QUALIFIED STUDENT ATHLETE exactly what he or she needs to do to get the attention of selected recruitment programs.

The best candidates must be able to compete at the college level, both athletically AND academically. Collegiate S.T.A.R.S. can be a resource to which athletes can turn for information and advice in areas of physical training, sportspecific conditioning, even academic guidance and tutoring. If your skills and grades are good, you can often get into a five-star academic university, using your sport as an entre. If you re a good athlete but an average student, we can assist in finding a school that fits your skill level both academically and athletically.

The fact is, more than 70% of college athletic opportunities exist below Division I.

National exposure
The NCAA and other governing bodies scrupulously regulate recruitment of athletes by coaches. BUT, there is NO regulation that controls an athlete contacting a coach. We will make certain that your skills are properly presented, improving your chances and giving you the best possible exposure to the college athletic program desired by you and your family.

Remember, all college athletic programs are a business. You, as an athlete, are a product. Our personal attention and progressive methods make going after that recruitment spot a reality.

Collegiate S.T.A.R.S. will help you develop both an academic and athletic resume, including game video, for distribution to college programs. This athletic resume will also reside on our World Wide Web site, available for viewing by thousands of coaches at all division levels across the United States. Get started with Collegiate S.T.A.R.S. today.

Let sports open the door to higher education.