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You play high school sports. Maybe you've won some tournaments or picked up a few awards. You consider yourself a good athlete, but you fall just a bit short of the national spotlight. Like many other high school athletes, you want nothing more than to be recruited by a college athletic program. We'll be the first to agree -- itís a good goal to have.

Here's something you need to know:

Statistically, 98% of all high school athletes are NOT recruited by college coaches or programs. Is it because you're not good enough? You KNOW you're good enough, but college coaches just don't know you're out there. We can change that.

Professional guidance
Competition on and off the field is intense. There are thousands of athletes vying for precious few scholarship spots every year. You need to maximize your opportunities. Collegiate S.T.A.R.S. is built to do just that: maximize exposure and professionally guide the student athlete toward reaching the goal of being recruited by a college program.

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